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Amanda Stavast

Lakewood, Colorado, United States


About the Artist

Amanda Stavast has a few different sides to her art. Not wanting to be constrained by one style of art, Stavast has a variety of artistic styles that allow her to explore her creativity boundlessly. Some of her artwork is playful and clever and allows her creative gears to turn. Another side is definitely more contemplative and meditational. For example, working on her sunsets, forces her to really focus her attention on the subject and try to convey to the viewer how the sky felt at that moment in time. And then there’s her contemporary/abstract side that gives her permission to release control and venture into a more subconscious and emotional state of mind.

Without question, and evident in her work, Stavast loves to paint just about anything that offers up vivid color, bold contrast and interesting textures.

Born and raised in Colorado, Stavast has always had a desire to create. Led to believe that getting a degree in graphic design was the only way to make a living with art, in December of 1999 she received her BFA from Colorado State University. She really enjoyed the conceptual side of graphic design but her love always remained with painting. In 2001 she followed her desire to paint again by starting her own mural business. Stavast’s mural work may be found in both business and residential properties throughout the Denver metropolitan area.

Although she is still commissioned for mural work and other pieces of art, she focuses most of her energy and passion on creating pieces from her heart and mind.


BFA Colorado State University 1999