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Grace Boudreau

Lakewood, Colorado, United States


Artist Statement

I would swing outside for hours as a child, creating songs in joyful response to the leaves dancing in the wind,the glittering snow and the blue sky holding the sun and birds. I knew that Mother Nature was speaking and could also hear and understand me. Those pure emotions of childhood were rekindled as I began to practice Tantric philosophies, from which the Chakra System emerges.
One aspect of the Chakras that especially intrigued me was that specific colors and elements
of nature coincide with parts of the body aiding our sense of well being. I had finally found it! An ancient path of spiritual growth that said, Yes, the colors and elements of creation speak directly to us instilling joy and peace. I knew then I wanted each painting in the Nature of Color series to reflect this philosophy.
I laughingly refer to my new style for this series as "Real, Impressive, Expressive". I challenged myself to combine the symbolic aspect of surrealism, the decisive and colorful strokes of impressionism, and the spontaneous improvisation of expressionism; all the while, incorporating the Chakra System precepts. This ultimately became an energetic and generous application of vibrant color and the sincere desire to give myself and the viewer a positive emotional experience.
These paintings are like my childhood songs-a heartfelt response to life that convey a sense of
wonder and gratitude.


2000, 2001,
2006 Summer Art Market, Art Students League, Denver, CO
2006 Evergreen Invitational, Evergreen Art Center, Evergreen, CO
2005, 2006 Evergreen Fine Art Gallery, Evergreen, CO
2006 "Art for the Heart", Invitational Fundraiser, Denver, CO
2004, 2005 One Woman Show, Rock Haven Studio, Evergreen, CO
2002 Colorado Historical Museum Don Sahli Group Show, Denver, CO
2000 "Women Painting Women", ZWolf Gallery, Denver, CO
1999 Art Students League Juried Fundraiser (Best of Show Award), Denver, CO


Red Rocks Community College
Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design
Art Students League of Denver
Workshops in Taos New Mexico, with Kim English, Pecos, New Mexico with
Don Sahli, Joane Bruell-Ruggles and Robert Burridge in San Luis Obispo
R&F Paints Encaustic Workshop,Kingston, New York