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Tony Ankele

Brighton, Colorado, United States


About the Artist

I began my addiction of painting and creating early in life. In my school years I discovered the arts and simply couldn’t get enough. I was captivated with the arts, graphics, painting, and calligraphy. During high school I worked the summer with the Denver Public Schools Paint Dept. painting history themed murals and signage in the DPS schools and district facilities. There I studied hands on with several knowledgeable mentors. I studied at Denver’s Auraria Campus, experiencing various mediums and technique.

Life sometimes leads us to places and professions we would never have dreamt of to survive the course of life. I found myself in the work force with my new wife Susan providing for our new family. All the while in a never ending attempt to quench my thirst for knowledge of the arts I continued my studies on my own. Honing my technique to my liking and continually absorbing all I could from my studies. I now consider myself a self-taught artist. Now that my wife and I have raised our wonderful girls, I have a broader opportunity to make my way down my chosen path.

Experiencing the reanimation of the creative spirit within me, I have combined the technical ability I’ve learned in past courses with my own studies and self-taught skills and apply them to my painted expressions. I paint from life’s experience, mood, and emotion, the elements that resonate in the world around me. Heritage, historical and metaphorical images find their way into my paintings. My mind continually exploding with new ideas and visions of realism, fantasy, and nature. I find myself painting with emotion, creating the vision I see in my thoughts; and as I paint not knowing the outcome until I feel it complete. It is a different thought process than portrait or landscape painting, although I also thoroughly enjoy recreating these images as I see them.