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Artwork by Maggie Levy in a Turbulance

Artwork by Maggie Levy
Design by Turbulance

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Most artwork is not meant to be touched, but texture can be a powerful visual element. Artists use texture to add interest, create emphasis and expression, and add depth to their work.

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What is Artwork Network?

We connect artists, buyers, and galleries in one place.

We do a lot. We are a resource for galleries to find new art for their clients and exhibitions, a tool for artists to organize and grow their art business, and also a Primary and Secondary marketplace to sell original art.

We provide a variety of helpful tools for artists – including a cataloging system, website, sales history, and presentation tools. You can even sell your artwork without a commission.
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Sometimes you just don’t have the right artwork in your inventory. We work as a resource to browse and connect you directly to artists COMMISSION FREE. What’s the catch? There is none. Give us a call at 303.388.7420 to set up a free Partnership account.
Whether you are keen to sell your artwork or just want to document your assets, our tools help you tackle the “now what?” aspect of art collecting.
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What's Selling?

Check out some artwork recently marked as sold.

I bought art and want to resell it.
I created art and want to sell it.

Okay, why does Sales History matter?
Sales establish chronology, show progression in skill and value, and validate current pricing.


What's New?

Here's some artwork recently added to the marketplace.

Let's demystify the art industry.

Improve your art business: sell smarter, get organized, and increase your reach.
Collect wisely: educate yourself with trends, sales histories, and values.

What can Artwork Network do for me?

We are waaaay more than a marketplace.
We'd love to give you a (free) 10 minute tour of Artwork Network's tools and resources to see how we can help you with your artwork.

What people are saying about Artwork Network:

Join the hundreds of artists supporting our efforts to bring transparency to the art industry.
Accessible information means more resources for everyone.


"Artwork Network has been a useful tool to communicate the direction of my work by showing the evolution of my style and pricing. The portfolio tool in particular helps me answer the inquiry "So what do you paint?" with a quick, organized visual. Plus, Artwork Network's support personnel are so very attentive in responding to my questions and tech issues, and seem genuinely interested in my goals. "
Barb H.
Arvada, Colorado


"We love the pieces you helped us select. Hope to add more soon."
Peggy D.
Denver, Colorado


"It has been my total joy to be associated with Artwork Network. The entire staff have created a professional, inspiring and supportive environment for artists. I find that there is a continual effort on their part to better serve both the artists and the community. I consider it an honor to be a part of such a state-of-the-art organization and look forward to a long and successful partnership with Artwork Network."
Diana T.
Boulder, Colorado


"Artwork Network is GREAT! I've purchased 4 pieces through Artwork Network and each time it's been stress free and fun. If you are in need of amazing art check out Artwork Network; they will make purchasing a piece fun and easy!"
Emily M.
Littleton, Colorado


"I’ve been using Artwork Network to organize and manage my art, and I love it. I wouldn’t consider myself a “tech expert” and was hesitant about the platform at first, but it is surprisingly easier to use that I anticipated. The staff is helpful, supportive and they answer any questions I have. I think all artists will find Artwork Network very useful!"
Ulla M.
Denver, Colorado