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Inventory Management
Catalog Artwork
Capture the details of each artwork, including images and documents.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Catalog Works-in-Progress
Stay organized and give collector’s a sneak peek of current work.
Location Management
Keep track of your artwork’s location, whether in storage or on exhibition.
Artwork History
Track every artwork's provenance and exhibition history.
Display Tags
Quickly generate exhibition/display tags for any cataloged artwork.
Inventory Sheets
Easily create inventory sheets to use for consignment, delivery, and sales.
E-Commerce Integration
Artwork Network Public Portfolio
Public page on Artwork Network's website to showcase art and general bio information.
List Works for Sale
Use the platform to display works for sale.
1 25 100 Unlimited
Artwork Network Commission
Commission fees for artwork purchased through the Artwork Network platform.
30% 25% 20% 15%
Personal Portfolio Website
A simplified personal website (with no Artwork Network branding) that syncs from your uploaded inventory.
Custom Domain
Customize your Personal Portfolio Website with a URL of your choosing (Ex:
Default URL Default URL Custom URL Custom URL
Data and Reporting
List Sales History
Catalog artwork previously sold, gifted, or donated. (Sales made through Artwork Network do not count toward this total.)
0 25 100 200
View Artist Sales History
Collectors can make informed purchasing decisions with research from the Artist Sales History.
Track Personal Sales History
See data on your sales, including cost-per-inch calculations and month/year trends.
View Trends
A site-wide collection of data about what’s currently trending on our platform.
Valuable charts and info breakdowns, including which works are getting the most traffic.
Project Management
Collection Boards
Group artworks together for presentations, presales, or wishlists.
5 15 25 Unlimited

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